About Us

Bird Dog of the Day owners Mike Yashko, Hyatt Voy and Seth Patterson

Bird Dog of the Day is a small, Montana-based business, dedicated to celebrating bird dogs. As the premier source for bird dog inspiration on social media, we have the most dedicated bird dog community on the internet.  Our goal is to leverage our attention for good: elevate bird dog stories, expose the specialties of each breed, and put bird hunting in the good light that it deserves. Sometimes, all it takes is one simple photo of a bird dog to spark a person's interest in hunting - and hunting leads to conservation, so we consider sharing bird dogs a worthy pursuit. 

The @birddogoftheday Instagram account started in 2013 with the goal of featuring one bird dog per day.  Since then, we've featured nearly 2,500 bird dogs and had over 900k images and videos submitted to us with the hashtag #birddogoftheday - and we have you all to thank! It's been an honor and privilege connecting with the bird dog community and featuring your dogs.

Bird Dog of the Day is run by three bird dog enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in Seth Patterson, Hyatt Voy and Mike Yashko.  Seth is based in rural NW Oregon, Hyatt is in Lewistown, Montana and Mike is based in Southwest Florida but spends time in Lewistown as well.  Hyatt grew up running pointers and labs with his dad, chasing huns, roosters and pheasants in the grasslands of central and eastern Montana.  Seth grew up with labs in Oregon, hunting primarily waterfowl - but loves upland and "combo hunts" too - and currently has a 2 year old black lab named Trapper. Mike loves to hunt Sharptails and Huns out west with his four Picardy Spaniels, Tilly, Theo, Flirt, and Gus.

Our promise to you is to serve you, by providing high quality product and exceptional customer service. 

If you own a bird dog, we have some incredible, unique gifts for bird dog owners that we're super proud to share with you. We really appreciate your support. 

See you in the field,

Seth, Hyatt & Mike